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Do You Want to.. Make More Money?

Far too often, business people, from all different fields, overlook wonderful opportunities to increase their sales/volume. We see businessess spend thousands of dollars in print, media and online advertising. While no one area of advertising is the sole solution, networking with other business owners, sales people and representatives, has proven to be one of the best resources for those wishing to get the best bang for their marketing buck.

How many of us began our careers by hitting up our family members and close friends? Dropping off stacks of business cards, asking those close to us to hand them out to everyone they know. Perhaps those efforts did not fall of deaf ears and something came out of it, yet take that concept of face to face networking and apply it on a larger scale. Business Networking organizations such as LeTip provide the framework for success. The difference, members are there for one and one reason only... To make money! Local Chamber of Commerces and Rotary clubs are great for local community and social activities, however many have members who are in the same business as you. How many are dedicated to networking, rather then local politics and other issues. When it comes to solid, lasting business relationships, networking with a group of dedicated professionals, on a week to week basis, provides a solid foundation for lasting business relationships which in turn positions you for continuous referals from collegues you are proud to do business with. How do we differ? LeTip of Bergen County allows ONE member per occupational category. Therefore if you join our chapter, your competition cannot. Conflicts of interest are disalowed.

Join us for a meeting and experience the concept for yourself. I assure you will not be dissapointed.

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